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Anime Music Videos Anonymous

AMV makers and fans

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This is a community about Anime Music Videos. Share ideas and software, share links, talk about your favorites (and not-so-favorites), and all things related to anime music videos.

The rules are as follows.
1.) Be polite and courteous. Debate and dissenting opinions are welcome. Arguements and flaming are not.
2.) Please at least attempt to use proper English grammar and spelling. LiveJournal has a spellcheck option, please use it. Occasional abbreviations or l33t speak is tolerable, messages full of it are not.
3.) LJ-Cut anything long or sizable like images. Not everybody is on broadband and not everybody has the same screen resolution that you might have. In the same vein, please use HTML when posting long URLs that might stretch the screen (and thus people's friends pages).
4.) Keep quiz results or memegens ~on topic~. If your quiz is anime music video related, then you can post it here, but again refer to rule three and LJ-Cut it.
5.) Please do not post any story spoilers for anything without both a warning and a LJ cut. If a video you're linking to has spoilers, a warning there would be appropriate as well.

If your post or comment violates these rules you will get one warning and then the offending post or comment will be deleted.

If you are here trolling you ~will~ be banned. Period. Your only warning is right here in the user info. If you get banned and come back with another username, you will be reported to LJ Abuse without hesistation. I have no tolerance for trolls.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions email them to wolfsamurai@livejournal.com