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October 17th, 2005

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09:23 pm - I am desperatly looking for this video!
Hello I am new to this community! I haven't made any amv but I would like to make one someday when I have enough money to buy the proper equipment and I learn how to use the programs. Although the community seems fairly quiet I am hoping that you can help me find an Utena amv that I saw a long time ago. The amv was a techno rendition of a Beethoven song, I think it was either his 5th or 7th symphony. The video used footage only from the anime. I had found this video on Limewire and I had managed to download 90% of the video but I unfortunately decided to stop the download and go to bed. I tried to finish it but I could never find it again. I am desperate to find this video because it was so good! I hope that this post is allowed!

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I am desperatly looking for this video! - Anime Music Videos Anonymous

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